Cool School is a children's show featuring live actors, cartoon characters, puppets and more! I'm the Director of Animation, and also illustrate, animate, composite, and edit (the series is made by Driver Digital). When cartoon animals need extra voices, I'll record those too. (I've been a shark, a witch, at least 4 different dinosaurs, and more)


Since the show began in 2011, it's gotten more than 500 million views on YouTube, is now regularly viewed millions of times every month, and has featured cross-promotions with companies including Sesame Street, PBS Kids, and Curious George.


Here's a reel:



New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday, and range from nursery rhymes and fairy tales, to arts and crafts, to superhero adventures, to"kids wiki" facts about dinosaurs and monsters and more! Over 300 episodes have been made so far, but here are a few of my favorites:


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