A webcomic primarily about a group of around 6 or so high-schoolers college students post-grads who talk about really important things like socks disappearing from the laundry, guys who act tough by refusing to use an umbrella when it rains, elevator etiquette, and more!
Dan Markowitz. You can contact me, if you feel like it. If you don't feel like it, don't worry about it. But in that case, don't contact me.
Here, at http://www.defectivity.com! We used to be hosted on the webcomic sites Keenspace and ComicGenesis. In print, Glass Half Empty was featured in Stuyvesant High School's The Spectator, and the University of Pennsylvania's First Call Magazine.
Why not? Glass Half Empty started as a newspaper comic at Stuyveant High School, and I started the website as a home for strips that weren't about high school life. The strip contrinued while I went to the University of Pennsylvania. Fickle Theatre was made for strips that are don't lend themselves to the characters and dialogue-based strips of Glass Half Empty.
Glass Half Empty used to be updated on a regular twice-a-week schedule, but I'm currently too busy for that. Right now, something new is added to the site every Tuesday (be it a Glass Half Empty comic, a Fickle Theatre strip, a humor article, or something else). Subscribe to the RSS feed or check out the Facebook page to stay updated.
The first 30 strips or so were done primarily in MSPaint, though there are a few Spectator strips sprinkled in, which were hand drawn and then scanned. Comics 46-116 were mostly drawn directly in Photoshop by literally just zooming in and carefully using the brush tool with a mouse—yes, it was as painful and time-consuming as it sounds. Starting with strip 117, I started using a Wacom tablet. I'm not planning on going back any time soon.
What Else
If you're wondering about anything else, let me know! I'm not one of those liars who will make an FAQ without being asked something frequently. But if enough people ask me something (or one person asks me something enough times), I'll add it here.
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